I’ve added DVD screen captures of Wes in Final Girl as well as some set photos and promotional ones to the photo gallery.

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I’ve added all of Hotel’s episode stills to the gallery.

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I’ve added nearly 50 photos of Wes from various photo shoots and sessions to the photo gallery.


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Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s American Horror Story: Hotel mostly takes place within the walls of the Hotel Cortez, an establishment whose horrors go far beyond the fact that it doesn’t have cell service or WiFi.

During Wednesday’s “Chutes and Ladders” episode, fashion mogul Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) continues to make himself at home in the inhospitable Hotel Cortez. And he’s bringing along some other members of the fashion world with him, including model Tristan Duffy (Finn Wittrock), whom the blood-thirsty Countess (Lady Gaga) is drawn to.

While all the hotel’s horrors are going down, poor detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley) just wants to find some answers. During Wednesday’s episode, he digs into the hotel’s past and learns all about James March (Evan Peters), Hotel Cotez’s original builder and owner in the 1930s. It comes to no surprise that the man key to this particular hotel’s origins was a very bad guy. As Lowe learns more about the hotel, he gets even more stuck trying to solve the ever-expanding puzzle of the Ten Commandments Killer, his son’s disappearance and the mysterious, violent happenings at Hotel Cortez.

Here, Bentley — who starred in Murphy’s ill-fated HBO pilot and had an arc on AHS: Freak Show before being promoted to a regular for Hotel — talks with The Hollywood Reporter about the latest episode and Lowe’s arc. On Hotel, Bentley plays a human who is a little more grounded than the blood drinkers and other monsters that surround him, but as Bentley notes, sometimes it’s the more relatable parts of the show that disturb more deeply than the fantastical horror elements.

How has your experience so far this season been compared with Freak Show?

It’s been great having a real arc and playing a pivotal role in the main plot throughout the show. It’s part of why I’m drawn to television now. I’m getting exactly what I was hoping for.

How much did you know about the story and your character before joining Hotel?

Ryan and I sat down for dinner and talked about it. Once they had the bigger idea and decided to do the hotel, he came to me about the hotel idea as well as with some general outline for John Lowe but no specific details — definitely not beginning-to-end stuff. But he did pitch more of the family stuff, the missing son, and he knew that I had a son, so he knew that would have an effect on me. As far as certain details and the relationships with other people in the hotel, those details I didn’t know until later. But I did have an idea of what this guy was going to be dealing with and where he’s coming from.

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Sorry for not making as many posts, I was out of town for the week without computer access. I’m now home and my internet is down. I’m hoping to get it fixed so that I can finish uploading the rest of the missing photos to the gallery.

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American Horror Story: Hotel, the much-hyped, Lady Gaga-laden fifth season of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s insane FX series, debuted last night, and the premiere was over-the-top even by AHS standards. Many half-dressed, attractive people were mutilated and died in grotesque ways; there were creepy, spectral children who seemed to materialize and vanish; Gaga sported silver, sequined pasties; and Matt Bomer sported virtually nothing at all (except maybe a wisp of ’90s guy-liner).

But arguably none of these developments—nor Gaga’s bloodthirsty turn as a mysterious hotel guest called The Countess—was as surprising as the decidedly True Detective-like vibe of Wes Bentley’s Detective John Lowe.

Like the protagonists on the first two seasons of True Detective, Bentley’s Lowe presents as a flat, taciturn character wearily tied to procedure. He’s haunted by a tragedy in his recent past. And he’s rootless and adrift, seemingly more at peace in an anonymous hotel room than in his own home. Combine Bentley’s character with the season’s seedy, southern California milieu, and you’ve basically got American Horror Story: Vinci.

“It’s the darkest season we’ve ever done,” Falchuk told People, which suggests AHSfans can expect more grimness to come.

One imagines Murphy and Falchuk made Lowe overly bland and restrained as a counterbalance to, well, basically every other character we’ve met so far. Elsewhere in this episode, Bomer joined Lady Gaga in a crazy orgy scene, Max Greenfield experienced an extremely bad drug trip, Sarah Paulson smeared lipstick all over her face, and two Swedish girls found some sort of eunuch stuffed in their mattress. And I’m not even going to get into the glue sequence.

It’s also possible that Bentley’s role is a kind of actorly make-good for last season. In AHS: Freak Show, Bentley was cast as Edward Mordrake, a two-faced villain who was arguably the weakest, lamest character in the entire AHS anthology. Whatever happens to Detective John Lowe in the episodes of AHS: Hotel that follow, it’s doubtful this by-the-book cop will ever be quite so ridiculous as Mordrake. But I’m not yet sure the same can be said for the entire season.



If you missed last night’s series premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel, That’s a shame but fear not you can now watch the season premiere (hopefully) via FX Now. Unfortunately not all service providers can watch it for whatever reason.


Watch Episode 01 via FX Now


Tonight is the night! Tune into FX tonight to watch the season premiere of American Horror Story!


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Wes Bentley went through his share of ups and downs in Hollywood, including struggles with drug addiction and unemployment.

But these days, the actor is a new man, and he attributes a lot of that to being a father.

“I didn’t know I was going to love being a dad so much,” Bentley, 37, told PEOPLE at the premiere of his new show American Horror Story: Hotel on Saturday in Los Angeles.

“Now it’s the only thing I want to be. I just want to be a great dad. Everything I’m doing, I’m trying to incorporate being a good dad.”

Bentley, who is married to producer Jacqui Swedberg, is the proud papa of daughter Brooklyn, 15 months, and son Charles, 4½, whom he credits for putting life into perspective.

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“Anytime I lose my head or feel stressful, I remember I’m doing this for my kids and think about them,” explains Bentley. “It lightens my heart.”

The American Beauty star loves to play soccer with his son and have “dance parties” with his daughter, but he admits there is one thing he won’t be doing with his kids any time soon: Watching American Horror Story: Hotel!

“Absolutely not! Not for a long while,” says Bentley, who plays a detective on the show, premiering Wednesday night on FX.

His role, he adds, includes quite a few sex scenes — which can make for some awkward conversations with his wife.

“I’m married, so it’s uncomfortable, of course. Even if I wasn’t, sex scenes are the most awkward thing to shoot,” says Bentley. “It’s tricky. You can laugh about it later, but it’s always uncomfortable for a relationship.”



Tonight was the Red Carpet Premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel in Los Angeles. You can rewatch the event here.

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